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Sterile packaging

By sterile packaging we mean packaging that can be used directly in the production process.

Why use sterile packaging?

The use of sterile packaging is interesting for every company because the processing time is speeded up by the immediate availability. In addition, no investment is needed in sterilization facilities and associated validation and maintenance processes, which increases the production flexibility.

Extensive range

Our extensive range of sterile packaging consists of glass, stoppers, caps and reconstitution items, below:

  • Westar® RU injection stoppers, freeze-dry stoppers and flip off caps
  • Medimop reconstitution aids
  • EZ fill ™ syringes and vials

Standard range and customization

In addition to standard sterile packaging (tube glass), we also offer the possibility of sterile delivery of larger volume measures (up to 1 liter) of blown glass or sterile packaged total solutions (vials, stoppers and caps). The vials, stoppers and caps are packaged individually for each desired number.

NOTE: the autoclave cycle of this packaging concept has only been validated.

Points of attention when purchasing sterile packaging

If you are considering purchasing sterile packaging, it is useful to know that the packaging concept of the EZ-fill, Medimop and Westar® RU products have been fully validated. In the sterile delivery of blown glass and / or total solutions, only the autoclave cycle has been validated. The follow-up process of transport and processing is under your responsibility.

Standard sterile packaging Customization
Tube glass Blown glass (capacity measurements up to 1 liter)
13mm and 20mm stoppers Tube glass
13mm and 20mm caps Sterile packaged total solution / combination
Validated packaging concept Validated autoclave cycle
Medimop reconstitution aids

** This only applies to the packaging concepts of Medimop and Westar® RU.