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About us

The difference between ordinary and amazing is that one step extra

At APG Europe we do everything to be the best. Our team consists of professionals who burst with energy and do what they are good at and have an unprecedented drive to find the best solution for you. We are a packaging specialist in the field of pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, perfume, OTC and food packaging. You can always count on us. We help you quickly, anywhere, with all the packaging or chromatography accessories you need to successfully complete your production. 

Our history

APG Europe originated from two organizations: Aluglas Packaging Group and Verbeeck Packaging Group. We have gone by the name APG Europe since1 January 2017. This name does not just come out of the blue. APG® is an abbreviation of Aluglas Packaging Group. To show that we support customers and suppliers in Europe, we have chosen to use Europe in our trade name. APG Europe has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Together we are a European team with 30 packaging professionals and export activities to more than 20 countries.

Together under one name, APG Europe, we can be stronger than each separately and offer you an even better service. You are optimally supported by us. This way you always have a technical packaging consultant, surrounded by an (international) team of specialists. One customer team for more process efficiency. To learn from each other. To challenge each other to go a step further for you. Coaching and supporting each other. Helpful, committed and with a great passion for packaging. Together: for you.