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Laboratory bottles from DURAN®

The DURAN® laboratory bottles are stable and resistant to chemical agents. The extensive range of accessories including the screw caps for the most diverse applications. In addition to the standard PP screw cap for daily use in the laboratory, other caps are made of different types of plastic or caps that contain different properties.

DURAN® laboratory bottles are complete with a suitable pouring ring made of different types of plastic that enable drip-free work. Almost all bottles with a capacity of 100ml or more have the same thread, so that screw caps and pouring rings are interchangeable. The bottles, pouring rings and caps are autoclavable and sterilisable.

Protection against light for light sensitive products / media:


Pressure resistant

DURAN laboratory bottles, with the exception of pressure-resistant DURAN® pressure plus bottles, are not intended for use under pressure or vacuum.


  • Amber color bottles are opaque up to 500nm
  • Plastic coated bottles are opaque up to 380nm
  • When you sterilize or autoclave the contents make sure that the screw cap is loose to absorb possible pressure differences. Alternatively, you can use a DURAN® membrane cap. the PTFE membrane ensures an even pressure distribution, while at the same time the chance of contamination is minimal.

Cleaning of bottles

Cleaning must be done manually in a water with soap or in a dishwasher. When you clean through the dishwasher, make sure that you have the dishwasher so that there is no contact between the glass to prevent splinters and cracks.

Frozen substances

The bottle in freezing position of 45 degrees freeze and filled to a maximum of ¾ (to increase the surface) and depending on the properties of the screw caps or other components. For the blue PP screw cap the minimum temperature is -40C. Alternatively the Premium screw cap can be used (minimum operating temperature of - 196C).

Defrosting frozen substances

Frozen substances can be thawed by immersing the bottle in a liquid bath. Make sure that the temperature difference does not become too large between the contents and the bath. This ensures that the contents are thawed evenly without damaging the bottle.

All laboratory bottles can be found in the webshop under subcategory laboratory bottles.